Care Home Services

At Pro-Health Pharmacy, we actively work with staff at various care homes in Chilliwack to ensure residents receive optimized drug therapy and care. Our staff are responsible for preparation and dispensing of medication and work with care home staff to ensure the medication is properly administered to the residents. Through an effective risk management system, medication consultation, individualized care, and drug information and training, Pro-Health Pharmacy works to provide a safe and effective medication program for residents. The goals of our care home services are the following:

  1. To provide a safe and effective medication program for residents

  2. To ensure resident medication regimes are effective, efficient, and provide cost-savings

  3. To promote better health outcomes for residents through medication reviews and optimized drug therapy programs

  4. To propose risk management protocols to mitigate potential risks associated with medication administration

  5. To ensure medication compliance is followed by residents and staff to guarantee best outcomes

  6. To educate residential staff and residents on medications as well as medication management principles
  7. To provide excellent service as it pertains to dispensing and delivery of medications

Pro-Health Pharmacy works with various care homes across Chilliwack. If you are interested in learning more about setting up a system tailored to provide safe and consistent drug therapy for your residents, please contact us.